Sumya Qualify Despite Hasan's Heroics | 2018-06-09 03:00:00

Sumya Qualify Despite Hasan's Heroics


Amadeus Super Cricketers batted first against Sumya Builders where the runs kept on flowing! Opener Hasan Mehmood carried his bat all through the innings with a massively impressive 102 not out off just 67 balls. While the rest of his team continued to lose wickets, Hasan's nerves of steel helped set up a very competitive 182 runs in 20 overs. Sumya bowlers did well to keep striking on the other end with Ubaid Umer taking 2 wickets and Hunain and Kamran picking up a wicket each.

In response, Sumya Builders key batsmen Adeel Sabuwala turned up when his team needed. His fiery 83 off just 32 balls at a mammoth strike rate of over 250 helped set up the victory for his side. Hunain's handy 28 runs helped seal the win for his side in the quarter finals of the Z International Ramzan Challengers FC Cup. Amadeus bowlers were unable to pick wickets when required or restrict the opposition with Zohaib Rizwan taking 2 wickets and Umer and Sharjeel only able to pick up a wicket each.

Sumya Builders won by 5 wickets.

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