Camran CC cruise to the finish | 2019-03-09 14:00:00

Camran CC cruise to the finish


Camran CC outplays Cocoon home to procure solid victory.

Cocoon home batted first and did quite well with consistent scoring from their top order and two of their middle order after which the wickets began falling like dominos consequently stopping the total at 135. In response, Camran CC provided a spectacular 48 from 49 by Usama Pasha who was unfortunately retired hurt and a 32 from 35 by Ajdal Aziz. Camran CC’s batting linenup did very well to keep the scoreboard ticking and this effort played out in their favor as they were easily able to chase the total of 135 in 19.2 overs with 5 wickets still remaining. Cocoon was not able to suppress Camran’s batting order and gave away a large number of runs from poor bowling whereas their counterparts were able to do with almost all the bowlers scoring wickets.

Camran CC proved to be the better team and put on a masterclass of a performance.