Arshad Associates grab easy win vs Gulshan | 2019-03-10 14:00:00

Arshad Associates grab easy win vs Gulshan


Albeit having won because of the DLS method, there was no doubt that Arshad Associates had a decisive upper hand in their match against Gulshan Becks at the Eastern Star Ground on Sunday.

Arshad Associates started off strong with their opening batsmen, Mirza Shoaib and Abbas, scoring 39 from 34 and 30 from 28, respectively. This however was second fiddle to the powerhouse of a knock by Shoaib Ejaz who scored a massive 84 runs from just 41 balls to significantly shift the balance towards his team. This was followed up with a quick 22 from 11 by Akhtar Mohammad before the remaining batsmen capped of the innings with 201 on the scoreboard for the loss of 7 wickets. For the Gulshan Becks, it was just not their day; they conceded 20 runs in their bowling and did not get off to great start in their batting either. They managed to play for 13.2 overs scoring just 69 runs for the loss of seven wickets.

Arshad Associates were the clear winners, when it came to batting and bowling and its safe to say that the technicality of the win was a mere formality.