Aga Khan overpower Faheem Sports | 2019-03-17 14:00:00

Aga Khan overpower Faheem Sports


Faheem Sports were completely overpowered and fell well short of victory against Aga Khan Gymkhana, at the Aga Khan Gymkhana this past Sunday.

Aga Khan batted the first innings and put on a near super-human total of 254 runs for the loss of just five wickets in 20 overs, with majority of the credit going to opener Kamran Wali, who alone scored 135 runs from just 62 deliveries and No.4 batsman Afzal who scored an equally impressive, albeit not as large, 65 runs from just 28 deliveries. This absolute masterclass of cricket overshadowed the rest of the batting which paled in comparison. Faheem Sports bowler Shahab took two wickets while Hussain, Khurram and Osama each took one wicket.

In their attempt to achieve this almost impossible total, Faheem Sports failed disastrously and fell for just 81 runs in 12.1 overs. Credit for their downfall goes to the bowlers of Aga Khan Gymkhana; Ahsan Ali took four wickets, Zain Tejani took two, and Pervez Ali took 1.

Faheem Sports were utterly overpowered against the seemingly unstoppable Aga Khan Gymkhana.