AMH Make Quick Work of Shan XI | 2019-05-08 22:00:00

AMH Make Quick Work of Shan XI


AMH Pakistan beat Shan XI by a whopping nine wickets at the TMC Ground this week.

Shan XI took to the pitch first and were utterly helpless against AMH’s vicious bowling attack. One by one the wickets fell until eventually they were all out in 9.4 overs having scored just 52 runs. Fahad Ali’s 28 from 15 was the only hope that Shan had but even that did not pan out. Arees Ahmed Khan dealt the heaviest blow by taking four wickets while Asadullah Ghalib, Umer Lohya and Daniyal Hussain took two wickets each.

For AMH, the target was no trouble and they easily chased it in just 4.2 overs with Aasi Awan making 20 from 10 and Jaseem Ahmed 26 from 11. Abdul Qadir took one wicket. AMH completely and utterly outplayed their opponents and left them with no response to their ferocious bowling attack which helped them pick up an easy win.