Trail Blazers 'Blaze' To Victory | 2019-06-08 19:00:00

Trail Blazers 'Blaze' To Victory


The Trail Blazers earned a spectacular victory over Sharfabad United, beating them by 36 runs at the Bahria College Cricket Ground this past week.

The Trail Blazers were hitting hard right from the start and amassed a large total of 181 in 20 overs for the loss of nine wickets. Tayyab Balagamwala opened brilliantly as he scored 24 from 15 which was followed by a very impressive 56 from 37 by Adamjee Tai. Faisal Butt then went on to score 30 from 21 and with 13 added runs the total came to 181. Raheel Imran, Amin Riaz and Mansoor Ilyas took two wickets while Hamza Dyer and Tayyab Fawad took one.

Sharfabad were off to a good start with Tayyab Fawad making 13 from just 5 balls, hitting three boundaries. Saad Patti made 27 from 21 also hitting three boundaries. The rest of the batting order could not deliver on a similar level and apart from Amin Riaz who made 20 from 17, the lower batting order could not pull through and get the win even with 25 extra runs. Kamran Qadri and Rehan Hanif took two wickets while Ansar Bhesania, Umer Khan, Tayyab Balagamwala, Adeel Sabuwala, Imran Shah and Haris Altaf took one.