Civil Aviation Authority Stun With A Massive 187-Run Victory Against TBH Gladiators

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) emerged winners in the clash against TBH Gladiators on 3rd April.

Nadeem Badar and Arshad Ali started of the first innings for CAA and smashed 25 and 28 runs at a strike rate of 208.33 and 200 respectively. Umar Riaz and and Muhammad Zaid were stunning with their efforts, as both smashed 52 runs each. The bowling effort was mediocre with Khurram Zahid bagging 2 wickets. However, there was n bowling force that stopped the thrashing batting o CAA. Aqeel Dogra and Jahanzaib Khan were brutal, playing at a massive strike rate of 272.73 and 317.65 respectively. Jahanzaib Khan struck a 54 just off 17 balls, hitting 8 boundaries. The combined batting efforts led CAA to a score of 266.

The second innings started with Gladiators losing early wickets. Yahya Karim started his innings at a strike rate of 200; however, he was bowled by Jahanzaib Khan at 10 runs only. Jahanzaib Khan continued his reign with the ball and managed to take 3 wickets. Abdur Raheem scored 25 off 18, a score none of the batsmen were able to cross.

As a result, CAA secured a victory in the 13th wicket only. The opponents, Gladiators, were short of 187 runs.

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