Gulberg Smashers Draw Game Against Warrior CC

The 27th Super Challengers Cup game between Gulberg Smashers and Warrior CC was tied on 28 February 2021. Both teams managed to make 159 in 20 overs.

Gulberg Smashers batted in the first innings. They were led by opener Wasif Mahmood Mustafa who made 49 runs off 23 balls. Moreover, Talha Ahmed and Asad Khan batted well, making 27 and 21 runs respectively. By the end of their 20 overs, Gulberg Smashers were 159/9. Adnan Shah picked up 3 of these wickets whereas Hammad Idrees bagged 2 more.

In the second innings, Salman Moten and Adeel Majeed played extremely well. They scored 57 and 43 runs and looked well on their way to win the game. However, a strict bowling performance from Gulberg Smashers stopped the flow of runs and picked up quick wickets. And despite M. Ali Alam’ 29 runs from 19 balls, Warrior CC struggled to chase down the score. At the end of their 20 overs, they were 159/8. Gulberg Smashers’ Jahanzaib Sahab bowled beautifully and picked up 4 wickets. Furthermore, Talha Khan and Asad Khan both took a wicket.

Gulberg Smashers and Warrior CC tied the game on Sunday. There were some good efforts on both teams but neither of them were successfully able to reach the finish line.

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