Anu Bhai Park
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

PSO won by 23 runs


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Dawood AbdullahCatch Out Abdul Moid Khan Abdul Moid KhanAbdul Moid KhanAbdul Moid Khan342313147.830000
Fawwad KhanCatch Out Faizan surani Muhammad Umer NoorFaizan suraniMuhammad Umer Noor422634161.540000
Hamza RizviCatch Out Abdul Moid Khan Muhammad TahaAbdul Moid KhanMuhammad Taha120050.000000
Bilal ShahCatch Out Faizan surani Faizan suraniFaizan suraniFaizan surani3300100.000000
Nabeel WahidCatch Out Ali Hassan Faizan suraniAli HassanFaizan surani460066.670000
Mir AzamCatch Out Abdul Moid Khan Muhammad Mujahid SiddiquiAbdul Moid KhanMuhammad Mujahid Siddiqui671085.710000
Sajjad Ghourib Muhammad Umer NoorMuhammad Umer Noor 181830100.000000
Ammar IqbalCatch Out Faizan surani Muhammad Mujahid SiddiquiFaizan suraniMuhammad Mujahid Siddiqui5410125.000000
Muhammad Kamran Khanb Faizan suraniFaizan surani 01000.000000
Faizan ZamanCatch Out Shrikant Parmar Muhammad Umer NoorShrikant ParmarMuhammad Umer Noor251931131.580000
Syed Taha YaseenNotOut   240050.000000
Extras(w 12, b 1, lb 2)
Total10   155113128123.890100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Muhammad Kamran Khan121121.000
Dawood Abdullah115015.000
Mir Azam3.51945.430
Faizan Zaman32127.000
Bilal Shah42005.000
Ali Farooqui31314.330
Azam Farooqi42125.250

Adamjee Life Assurance

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Muhammad Mujahid SiddiquiStump Out Azam Farooqi Sajjad GhouriAzam FarooqiSajjad Ghouri644853133.331000
Shrikant ParmarLbw Ali Farooqui Ali Farooqui 260033.330000
Muhammad WasifCatch Out Muhammad Kamran Khan Dawood AbdullahMuhammad Kamran KhanDawood Abdullah15190178.950000
Abdul Moid KhanCatch Out Mir Azam Nabeel WahidMir AzamNabeel Wahid171311130.770000
Muhammad Umer Noorb Azam FarooqiAzam Farooqi 230066.670000
Ali HassanNotOut   10120083.330000
Faizan suraniCatch Out Mir Azam Nabeel WahidMir AzamNabeel Wahid3300100.000000
Muhammad AdnanCatch Out Mir Azam Fawwad KhanMir AzamFawwad Khan670085.710000
Asif Mirzab Faizan ZamanFaizan Zaman 230066.670000
Arbaz Khanb Faizan ZamanFaizan Zaman 03000.000000
Muhammad Tahab Mir AzamMir Azam 230066.670000
Extras(w 6, nb 1, lb 2)
Total10   13211965102.500100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Faizan surani42957.250
Muhammad Umer Noor3.52216.290
Shrikant Parmar440110.000
Abdul Moid Khan43137.750
Muhammad Taha330010.000