Smashers Advance Through Bright Gymkhana | 2019-08-25 19:00:00

Smashers Advance Through Bright Gymkhana


The Smashers took down Bright Gymkhana in spectacular fashion, beating them by four wickets at the Asifabad Ground. 

Bright Gymkhana came out swinging, as Sohail Fazal made 17 from 15 and Haider Ali Bangash smashed 39 from 53. Afroz Khan followed up with a 32 from 21 to rejuvenate the innings towards the end. They managed to make 136 runs in 20 overs for the loss of six wickets. Imran Ali and Shiraz Raza took two wickets each while Zohaib Rizwan and Usama Anis took one each.

The Smashers came back with an answer of their own as opener Faizan Azam made 29 from 20. K.S Kami made 16 from 15, Faisal Dalvi 20 from 20, Adeel Abid Shamsi 19 from 17 and Zohaib Rizwan closed out the innings with 28 from 24. Despite some valiant efforts from Bright Gymkhana, their bowling attack was not enough to stop the Smashers. Danish Moin took three wickets while Zeeshan Momia took two.