AAG CC Flame Out Against MK Dolphins | 2019-09-16 00:00:00

AAG CC Flame Out Against MK Dolphins


MK Dolphins beat AAG CC by six wickets at the IBA Ground this week. 

AAG CC took to bat first and made 128 in 19.5 overs for the loss of ten wickets. Muhammad Amir smashed 21 from 19 towards the middle order to give AAG some hope given the poor performance of their upper order. Waqas Rao and Asim Mughal made 19 and 16. Despite conceding 23 extra runs, Saad Faisal and Abdul Sattar took two wickets each while Abu Bakar Mianoor, Owais Faisal and Bilal Usman took one wicket each.

MK Dolphins made light work of the target as Moin Kodvavi smashed 62 from 45. Abid Iqbal and Saad Faisal helped the chase along by making 24 and 23 respectively. Asim Mughal took two wickets while Jawahir Zaidi and Mubeen Chhapra took one each.