Arsalan Iqbal Emerge Victorious | 2020-01-05 20:00:00

Arsalan Iqbal Emerge Victorious


Arsalan Iqbal handed Strikers CC a tough loss, beating them by 65 runs at the Asifabad Ground.

Pervaiz Ali smashed 60 from 40 and Chand Ahmed made 32 from 29 to give Arsalan Iqbal a strong finish to the innings with 183 runs. Samad Rafiq and Waqar Saleem took two wickets.

Strikers batting lineup choked and was unable to score more than a 118 runs. Despite Usman Irfan's 48 from 40, the Strikers were ununable to win as the wickets fell quickly and early. Shoaib Abbasi took three wickets while Adeel Meo took two.