A Tense Win For The Folio3 Cricket Club

Contour Software Pvt.Ltd. Vs Folio3 Cricket Club

Two evenly matched teams face off but one rises to the occasion and enjoy's the moment of victory for Shahab Uddin takes his side to ultimate glory.

Contour Software Pvt. Ltd. were to bat first against the Folio3 Cricket Club in the first innings of the match. As the match began we saw a couple of good shots played by the opener Talha Rahim who was sent back immediately after scoring 18 runs. The next 3 batsmen were unable to grab even a single run and put it up on the scoreboard. The bowlers were doing a good job by taking wickets early in the match. However, Mughees Ahmed couldn't bear the embarrassing situation his side was in and so he played a marvelous innings and scored 68 runs for his team. Rest of the batting order grabbed a few runs along the way and in 20 overs they scored a total of 152 runs. Ovais Ashraf was the key bowler for his team, with his amazing spell of 4 overs and managed to pick up 3 wickets. 

Folio3 Cricket Club was looking sharp as they sent Shahab Uddin to get things underway for them. Shahab Uddin proved to be in great form when he scored an amazing 62 runs while hitting 2 massive sixes. Aneeq Hashmi was the player to support his team and scored 17 runs to add to the chase. Asim Khatri was the 8th man in and he scored 29 runs for his team. Folio3 Cricket Club's batting order was in pretty bad shape itself because of the bowling attack from which Annas Khan picked up 3 wickets. But the bowling attack also gave away 27 runs as extras to the opposition and awarded them the win.

Folio3 Cricket Club won by 2 wickets.