A1 Paints White Defend 154 against SACC

A1 Paints White Vs SACC

A tight competition between both teams and A1 Paints White rose to the occasion to defend the target.

A1 Paints White were off to a satisfying start with their opening pair who carried a partnership of 44 runs at the start of the first innings against SACC. Mohammad Jawad scored 23 runs and Mohammad Mudassir scored 21 runs. Abdul Majeed came one down and played some beautiful cricket. He was in top form and scored 36 runs. Unluckily he had to go back because of a run out. Mohammad Siraj and Mohammad Ahmed were the second pair to carry a partnership of 27 runs. SACC tried their best to stop the opposition from scoring a decent total with their strong bowling attack. Ibrar Ali shined through with his spell of 3 overs, picking up 2 wickets. A1 Paints White scored a total of 154 runs in 20 overs.

SACC were off to a rocking start with Kaleemullah and Shahzad Dyer who carried a beautiful partnership of 36 runs and gave their side a head start and a hope of winning. Adeel came one down and scored 37 runs for his side. The top batting order was performing really well but they missed the slightest detail that they had 20 overs to chase the target. Ibrar Ali was the last player to score some decent runs for his side, and managed to score 35 runs under pressure. Unfortunately SACC ran out of overs and they reached a total of 150 runs. It was a very close call for both sides.

A1 Paints White won by 4 runs.