Al Falah beat Gulshan Becks by 18 runs

Al Falah met Gulshan Becks in a friendly match at Baqai Ground

Al Falah openers crushed the Becks weak bowling attack as Khurram scored 82 of 43 balls hitting 12 fours at a strike rate of 190 and Shakir scoring 62 of 47 balls until Kashif Rajput gave his team a much needed breakthrough after that Kamran took 2 quick wickets which stopped the run leakage. Al Falah posted a total of 184 runs for the loss of 6 wickets.

Gulshan Becks openers dissapointed the dressing room departing early in a big chase but Sadiq 39 (28) and Waqas 51 (41) made up for the early losses but after their departure no one carried on. Al Falah eventually won the match by 18 runs as the Becks crashed to another defeat at Baqai.

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