All Round Rabish sets up Vanthali victory

Okhai Memon Jamaat  and Venthali A XI met at Asghar Ali Shah Stadium to battle it out for the 13th Challengers Cup.

The match commenced with Okhai's batting. Opener Sirang managed 14 runs of 12 balls before he was caught. Majeed (1) and Jiwani(5) were also not proactive to the bowling attack and fell prey to Rabish. These dwindling wickets set quite a mellow mood for Okhai, which was only resurrected by Owais' half century. He played steadily and managed 53 runs. His performance also allowed Gatta(31) and Omer(15) to augment the score, but the innings did not fire up for Okhai as the team was not resilient to the tight Venthali bowling. For Venthali, the bowlers attacked strongly, as Nepal picked up two wickets and Dosani picked up one, but Rabish outshone both and knocked down three wickets. Okhai finished at a decent total of 150 for the loss of 7 wickets at the end of 20 overs.

Vanthali's batting then took off dramatically as Jabbar started smashing the ball to all corners of the park before he was taken down for one short of what would have been a well deserved 50. His performance was complemented by Rehan and Rabish's score of 26. Further on in the innings, Raheel and Suleman got out for single digits as Amin, Owais, and Naveed picked up one scalp each while Jiwani picked up two. Victory was still a matter of contestation but Muzammil(18) and Mehmood(11) finally drove them home as Vanthali won the game by 4 wickets in the 19th over of the chase.


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