Amadeus Super Cricketers With A Superb Win

Amadeus Super Cricketers Vs Engro

A superb all round performance by the Amadeus Super Cricketers to win the match. They gave their all to defeat the opposition and in the end walked out with their heads held high with glory.

Amadeus Super Cricketers were off too a satisfactory start with their opening pair in the first innings against Engro. Faizan Azam scored 28 runs and Adnan Moiz scored 8 runs. They got a few runs up on the scoreboard but it was a start. Best had yet to come. Ibad Anis was the third man in and his innings was worth watching where he played brilliant and amazing shots which included 4 sixes and 4 boundaries. He scored 62 runs off 43 balls. Adil Ashfaq kept the ball rolling and scored 27 runs off 18 balls. But this was all from the Amadeus Super Cricketers. Engro's brutal bowling attack was the show stopper and they dismantled the entire batting order. The entire was bowled out a total of 148 runs. Irteza Khan was the man of the innings with his outstanding spell of 2 overs where he picked up 4 wickets beautifully.

Engro were off to a relatively good start in the second innings. Khurram scored 32 runs for his side and gave them hope of a good chase. Sameer Amin and Ali Mirza were the only two batsmen from the entire batting order to score 26 runs each and rest of the batting order was brutally demolished by the lethal bowling attack of the opposition. Faizan Azam was the player to pick up 3 wickets in 4 overs. Engro lost 8 wickets in 20 overs and scored a total of 124 overs. Amadeus Super Cricketers contained the batting side wonderfully with their bowling tactics and outstanding performance in the field.

Amadeus Super Cricketers won by 24 runs.