Amadeus Win 4th Challengers Corporate Cup

Amadeus Folks Vs Summit Bank

4th Challengers Corporate Cup Final

Adil Ashfaq gave a fabulous start to the Amadeus Folks by scoring an extraordinary 52 runs in the start of the first innings to give his team the boost they needed. Shoaib Ansari kept the rhythm alive and scored another beautiful 51 runs for the team. Zohaib Akhtar and Umair Zaheer carried a 26 runs partnership that were added on the scoreboard. Tauseef Ali was the highest wicket taker from Summit Bank with his amazing bowling spell of 3 overs and picked up 3 wickets. After losing 7 wickets and at the end of 20 overs, Amadeus Folks scored a total of 161 runs.

Saeed Usmani gave a relatively slow start to his side in the second innings, by scoring 26 runs. Summit Bank wasn’t lucky enough to get their hands on a massive start with their opening pair. Syed Baqar was the third man in and he scored 55 runs to keep his team's chances alive. The last partnership that was saw and that actually made a difference was when Tahir Nakkash and Shahid Khan scored a total of 49 runs together. Amadeus Folks were not giving up that easily and they constantly banged the batting side with their brutal bowling attack. Rizwan Ahsan was the highest wicket taker with 4 wickets to his name, followed by Sajid Kath who grabbed 3 wickets. The entire batting order was bowled out in 19.1 overs at a total of 147 runs.

Amadeus Folks won by 14 runs and took home the cup/



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