American Doors Smash Their Way To Victory

Warriors CC Vs American Doors

16th Challengers Cup 

Warriors C.C seemed to be in trouble since the start of the first innings, when their opening pair was dismantled by the ferocious bowling attack of the American Doors. The opening pair scored a total of 21 runs. The entire top batting order fell victim to Hammad Sheikhani’s brutal and dangerous bowling spell. He got 6 wickets to his name. Haris Anees wiped away some tears and scored 44 runs for his team to save them for ultimate humiliation. And later on Ahmed Moten scored 26 runs and after him, the entire Warriors C.C was bowled out in 19.5 overs, just before the last ball of the first innings and scored a total of 131 runs,

American Doors were all hyped up after their performance in the first innings and also the target they were given to chase. Majeed Pasta and Shakir Serang were the opening batsmen from their team and they gave a very decent start that was actually expected from American Doors. Both of the players were in top form and their score line confirmed it. Majeed Pasta scored 22 runs and Shakir Serang scored an awesome 66 runs just of 30 balls. Both of these batsmen covered half of the chase and brought their team very close to the victory. Saad Gutta and Khalid Kaka were the lucky ones to play the winning shots. American Doors had everything in their favor, the batting performances, the overs and also the wickets. Nothing could have possibly gone wrong at this stage. Saad Gutta scored 25 runs and Khalid Kaka sealed the win with his 8 runs play. They chased the target in 16 overs.

American Doors won by 7 wickets.