An Intense Battle Between ICT and A&I

ICT Vs A&I Properties (ACM Gold t20 Day League)

A&I Properties did a marvelous job by containing the ICT and then chased the target with absolute brilliance to enjoy the victory.

ICT was off to a decent start in the first innings with their opening pair against the A&I Properties. Talha Ahmedani and Ali Iqbal carried one hell of a partnership that set the pace of the game. They scored 87 runs together from which Ali Iqbal was the highest scorer with 77 runs. After their dismissal Sabih Merchant was the player to keep with the pace of the game and added decent runs to scoreboard by scoring a half century. Rest of the batting order wasn't able to put an impact on the game and also the A&I Properties managed to contain the batting side with their lethal bowling attack. Shezad Arain Anwar was the high wicket taker from his side with 3 wickets to his name. ICT lost 9 wickets in 20 overs and scored a total of 172 runs.

Shoaib Akhter and Ali Mansoor were the opening pair for A&I Properties and they were off to flying start in the second innings with their amazing partnership. They scored 61 runs together and Shoaib Akhter was the highest scorer with 48 runs to his name. Abdul Samad Ghani was the third man in and he scored 25 runs for his team. The scoreboard was ticking continuously and the bowling side was trying hard to stop that from happening but wasn't able to do so. Saif Ali Khan was the one carry the bat till the end and witness the win for his side by scoring 33 runs. Saqlain Abbas contributed to the chase by scoring 39 runs and his side was able to chase the target down in 18 overs.

A&I Properties won by 6 wickets.