Bubbers gun down Unfit Legends

Bubbers Vs Unfit Legends (20 over match)

The heroics of Hassan and Atif were not enough as Bubbers chase down a massive 215 to beat Unfit Legends.

A day where no one wanted to be a bowler. It was a high scoring encounter as Unfit Legends came face to face against Bubbers. Unfit Legends went out to bat first and lost their first wicket quite early in the game, Khurram Amin for just 5. But this did not stop Unfit Legends to dominate the rest of the innings. Hassan and Atif Ahmed got together and never looked in trouble. It was one of the best partnership as bowlers had no where to hide and were smashed at all parts of the ground. 7 sixes were hit during the partnership, 4 monstrous sixes were smashed by Hassan while 3 by Atif. It was as if both batsmen were trying to beat each other. Unfit Legends scored 215 with the heroics of Hassan and Atif Ahmed who scored 90 and 79 respectively.

A really tough task was ahead of Bubbers, Unfit Legends were very confident of defending the huge total of 215 but contributions from every batsmen turned the tables in favor of Bubbers. It was complete reversal of what Unfit Legends had thought of. Bubbers batsmen did not give up and were positive from the outset, this left Unfit Legends high and dry. The openers Wamiq and Muhammad Mustafa Khan set the tone which was followed by the rest of the batting lineup. Wamiq and Muhammad Mustafa Khan got their team of to a flyer and scored at a rapid pace, they scored 47 and 26 respectively. After them Zohaib Wajid Jawad and Atif Bawany carried the innings forward and they did so at a fast pace, they scored 41 and 40 respectively to chase the huge 215 in only 19.1 overs. It was a complete team effort as every batsmen contributed and never gave up.

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