Classic Barbarians Grasp A Victory

Classic Barbarians Vs Gigi Gladiators

Memon Super League

Ali Bantwa and Umair Yousuf's crucial partnership was the decisive factor for the Classic Barbarians victory.

The Classic Barbarians were to bat first against the Gigi Gladiators in the first innings. The match started off as Kamil Mehmood led the batting order from the front and scored 14 runs for his side. Soon after his dismissal we came to see two magnificent innings played by Ali Bantwa and Umair Yousuf. Both of the players were in top form and scored some big runs for their side. Ali Bantwa scored 61 runs off 36 balls which included 4 massive sixes. On the other hand Umair Yousuf scored 60 runs off 36 balls. Their contribution was a massive one for their team on the scoreboard. Salman Asif was the lucky bowler to take their wickets and also shine as the star bowler with his amazing spell of 4 overs and picked up 4 wickets. Classic Barbarians scored a total of 182 runs in 20 overs.

The second innings started off with quite a bang as Fahad Jabbar and Shakir Sernag opened for the Gigi Gladiators. Fahad Jabbar scored 52 runs and Shakir Serang supported his innings by scoring 14 runs. Anas Ahmed was the man to carry the bat till the end and score 59 runs off 32 balls. But his hard work went in vain because none of the other batsmen were able to get their hands on some decent runs that could have brought them close to the target score. Also, Classic Barbarians did their best by containing the batting side with their bowling attack and Idrees Amin was the one to pick up 3 wickets. Soon the Gigi Gladiators ran out of overs and they reached the total of 167 runs in 20 overs.

Classic Barbarians won by 15 runs.