Close Call for the Benitoz Panthers

Benitoz Panthers Vs Rims Lions (Memon Super League)

Both of the teams went head to head and battled for the ultimate glory. In the end it was the Benitoz Panthers to walk out glorious .

Benitoz Panthers were off to a rocking start with their opening pair in the first innings. Tabish and Adeel Majeed got things underway in an outstanding manner and gave their side one hell of a start. Tabish scored 92 runs and Adeel Majeed supported his run by scoring 18 runs. Rameez Mehboob was the third man in and he kept the spirit alive by playing some good shots and scored 24 runs. Runs kept on piling up on the scoreboard which was an advantage for their side. Rims Lions were also not giving up and kept on taking wickets. Rehan Hanif was the man of the innings for his side to pick up 3 wickets in 4 overs. Benitoz Panthers lost 9 wickets and scored a total of 185 runs in 20 overs. 

Hammad Sheikhani was in great form in the second innings and got things underway for his team by scoring 33 runs. After his dismissal Khurram Asim and Farhan Asif scored 34 runs together and added decent runs on the scoreboard. The top batting order played an effective role by decreasing the margin of chase. Muzammil Mehboob and Rehan Hanif were the key batsmen from the middle batting order to take their team this close to the target and give the opposition a real tough time. Muzammil Mehboob scored 42 runs and Rehan Hanif scored 17 runs. On the other hand Hunain Usman was giving his all on stopping the batting side from reaching target and he bowled an amazing spell of 4 overs and picked up 4 wickets. Rims Lions were very close from snatching the victory but they ran out of luck and also ran out of overs. They scored a total of 180 runs. A pretty close call for both sides. 

Benitoz Panthers won by 5 runs.