Falcon Sports Dominated Against Shadab Sports by 27 Runs

Falcon Sports and Shadab Sports went against each other on 13 September at Young Fighter.

Basit Ullah and Ali Sher opened the innings for Falcon Sports. Basit managed to score 28 runs, however, Ali got out on 3 runs only. Usman Jawanda, the one-down batsman, smashed 62 off 43 balls, hitting 6 boundaries. In addition to this, Noman Khan added 41 runs to the score. Hence, the total posted by Falcon Sports was 173 runs. The bowlers displayed a mediocre effort, as they dismissed 3 batsmen only.

Osama Naeem and Talha Ahmed opened the inninhs for Shadab Sports. However, both got out on lower scores only. Wasif Mehmood Mustafa stabilised the innings by adding 39 runs to the score. However, the bowlers continued to dominate, as Ali Abrar bagged 4 crucial wickets. Hence, the momentum of Shadab’s batsmen was halted and they were restricted to a score of 146 runs.

As a result, the bowlers of Falcon defended the total set by their batsmen. Hence, won the match by 27 runs.

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