Farhad Shines Against Probyte PVT LTD

AMH Pakistan chose to bat first. Openers Haroon Arshad and Idrees Dola provided a solid start with 27 off 18 and 33 off 13, respectively. However, the standout performance came from Farhad, who played a sensational unbeaten innings, scoring 95 off 50, featuring 8 sixes and 5 fours. Despite the collapse of the rest of the batting lineup, Muhammad Ahsan Hoorani and Kumail Raza managed to pick up 2 wickets each. AMH Pakistan posted a formidable total of 206/8.

In response, Probyte PVT LTD faced an early setback losing a wicket. Opener Talha Shehzad contributed a quick 26 off 9, and Kashif Rajput added 21 off 24. However, the real resistance came from Rehan Rashid, who played an outstanding unbeaten innings, scoring 77 off 48. Despite his efforts, the rest of the batting lineup struggled against the bowling attack, with Sohail Qadri claiming 2 wickets.

AMH Pakistan Won By 23 Runs