Grand Flour Mills TNN Titans dominant over AZ Warriors

AZ Warriors chose to bat first and faced early setbacks, losing four wickets. However, a spectacular batting display unfolded as Usman Shah played an unbeaten innings, scoring 81 off 46 balls, and Idrees Amin contributed with an unbeaten 50 off 31 deliveries. Moazam Malik, Osama Ayub, and Abdul Samad Motlani managed to pick up a wicket each for the TNN Titans. AZ Warriors concluded their innings at 186/4.

Chasing the target, Grand Flour Mills TNN Titans had a solid start with Rameez Mehboob scoring 27 off 20 balls. The real highlight of their innings came from Shahriyar Shahid, who played a blistering unbeaten knock, amassing 88 runs off 54 balls. Rabish Ahmed added to the momentum with a quick 33 off 20, while Fareed Shah Arbab played a crucial unbeaten innings, scoring 38 off just 13 balls.

Grand Flour Mills TNN Titans Won By 8 Wickets