Gulshan Becks Dethrone the Askari Kings

Askari Kings Vs Gulshan Becks

Gulshan Becks proved to be the real kings after winning the match against the Askari Kings.

The first innings was quite entertaining, where we saw fall of wickets and some beautiful shots played by the Askari King players. Bilal Bhugti looked to be in top form and scored 34 runs but unluckily got run out.Usman Hassan scored 28 runs and Yasin Ali scored 29 runs. The top and the middle batting order were quite effective in defining a decent target for their side. Askari Kings scored 141 runs in 20 overs. The majestic team was quite confident that they had set a defendable total, until the Becks stepped on the pitch to bat.

Gulshan Becks were able to chase the target with team effort. The batting line up did not give up till the end of the match. It was a close contest between the two teams. Atif stood out and scored 36 runs for his side. Yasin Ali did not only perform with the bat for the Kings, but he also picked up 3 wickets for his side. In the end it was the Gulshan Becks that rose up to the occasion and won the match on the second last ball of the match. It was truly a nerve cracking match for both sides and in the last Gulshan Becks won by 4 wickets.