ICT Wins It In A Thriller

ICT Vs Strikers CC (15th Challengers Cup)

ICT won the match with a superb all round performance against the Strikers CC.

Strikers CC were to bat first against the ICT in the first innings of the match. Waqar Saleem from the opening pair was able to get the game underway for his side and scored 40 runs single handedly with zero help from Shahrukh Asim who went back for a duck. Abdur Rehman and Yasir Tanveer made their contributions by grabbing some runs for their side. Abdur Rehman scored 11 runs and Shahrukh Asim scored 20 runs. Usman Irfan and Nadeem Akhtar played a beautiful partnership of 65 runs. giving their side a massive boost on the scoreboard. Strikers CC scored a total of 142 runs in 20 overs. Ubaid Umer proved to be key bowler for his side, when he bowled an amazing spell of 4 overs and picked up 3 wickets.

ICT were off to a flying start against the Strikers CC in the first innings. Talha Ahmedani and Ali Iqbal were the one's to start off the innings, and so they did with a bang. Talha Ahmedani scored 21 runs, while Ali Iqbal played beautifully and scored 56 runs off 28 balls. Both of them covered half of the chase for their side. Later on in the match, A Rehman and Hunain scored 33 runs collectively. And in the last it was Ali Ammar who played the winning shots for his side by scoring 23 runs and took his team to victory. ICT won by 6 wickets.