Ideal Sports With A Glorious Chase

PDXI Vs Ideal Sports

PDXI were to bat first against the Ideal Sports in the first innings of the match. They started off slow with their opening pair who gave them an 11 runs start and went down. Shehbaz Muhammad was the third man in and he scored a marvelous half century for his side giving them a boost on the scoreboard. Iftikhar was the star bowler to take this crucial wicket down along with two other wickets and became the highest wicket taker from Ideal Sports. Three batsmen who came in after failed tremendously to score decent runs but Adeel Hussain and Adnan Saleem scored a terrific partnership at the final stage of the innings and gave their side a 42 runs boost in the total. At the end of 20 overs, PDXI scored a total of 136 runs.

Ideal Sports were off to a disappointing start in the second innings compared to their performance in the first innings. The first three batsmen only scored 7 runs in total and fell victim to Adnan Saleem’s brutal bowling attack, who alone dismissed the first three batsmen. Faisal Shahid and Iftikhar came in and gave their side a chance to catch their breaths and scored a partnership of 32 runs. After their dismissal, Usman Butt was the man to take his team to glory. A player who was in top form and played an amazing innings of 74 runs, while hitting 6 massive sixes and 6 boundaries. His contribution served his team well and they chased the target in 18 overs.  

Ideal Sports won by 5 wickets.