Alpha Labs Crowned Champions of Super Challengers Cup Season 7

Imtiaz Construction and Alpha Lab went against each other on 26th September in the final of Super Challengers Cup Season 7

Imtiaz Construction’s openers, Bilal Aslam and Shahzaib Dyer, opened the first innings. Bilal scored 55 runs of 32 balls. Whereas Shahzaib got out on 20 runs only.  The bowlers displayed good performance, as the batters lost lost early wickets. Furqan Ahmed and Muneeb Habib bagged two wickets each. The batters posted a total of 145 runs for the opponents to chase.

Muneed Javaid and Amjad Khan opened the innings for Alpha Labs, determined to chase the score. Muneed smashed 55 runs off 37 balls, hitting 8 massive boundaries. Amjad was batting at a strike rate of 169.23, however, he was bowled by Muhammad Anas Wahees at 22 runs only. The bowlers were unable to make a significant dent in the batters’ momentum, as they continued to score. Muneeb Ur Rehman, the one-down batter, added 30 runs to the score. In addition to this, Furqan played a cameo at a strike rate of 156.25.

As a result of the significant contributions from all the batters, Alpha Lab secured a win in the 18th over only and were crowned champions. 

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