Karachi Flames Were On Fire To Win

Shabab Whites Vs Karachi Flames

Karachi Flames were all over the ground with their blazing performance and enjoyed the fireworks of victory over Shabab Whites.

Huzaifa Hassan and Muntasir SaifUddin got things underway for the Shabab Whites in the first innings of the match. Both of the players portrayed great form and performed really well with the bat while leading from the front. Huzaifa Hassan scored 21 runs and Muntasir SaifUddin scored 48 runs. These performance got some big numbers up on the scoreboard for their side. Taha Qadi was the third man in and he played some amazing shots to score 46 runs for his team. Mustafa Africawala added 35 runs and Mohammad Sitamu added 11 runs to the total. Aqif Anwer was on fire from the Karachi Flames with his amazing spell of 3 overs and picked up 2 wickets. This brought the total to 179 runs for the Shabab Whites in 20 overs.

Karachi Flames brought fireworks to the pitch with them and they fired them up as soon as their opening pair started off with the second innings. Umair Adamjee and Ahmed Moten played some outstanding piece of cricket and it was almost as they had this fire inside of them, that enabled them to perform really well with the bat. Umair Adamjee scored 64 runs, and Ahmed Moten backed him up by scoring 25 runs. After their dismissal Mahroof Maqsood was the third man in and was another batsman on fire ready to unleash his wrath and scored 59 runs off 19 balls. Mahroof Maqsood unleashed his wrath by hit 6 massive sixes. Shehroze Zindani was the lucky one to play the winning shot for his side. Karachi Flames were able to chase the target in 15 overs.

Karachi Flames won the match by 7 wickets.