Labaik Sports Cricket Team Seals The Win

Labaik Sports Cricket Team Vs Gulshan Strikers (6th Campaigner Trophy)

Labaik Sports Cricket Team gave their all to chase the target and ensured a victory in the Quarter Final.

Gulshan Strikers were off to a flying start against Labaik in the first innings with their opening pair. Abdul Ahad and BIlal Ali played a partnership of 46 runs, that got the ball rolling and the scoreboard ticking for their side. After their dismissal, their side didn't loose form and kept the pace of the match, when Syed Rameez Uddin played a beautiful innings by scoring 43 runs and remained not out till the end of the innings. During his play of 43 runs, Affan Iqbal and Zaid Farooq backed him up and played side by side to ensure that their side was able to put decent runs on the scoreboard. Affan scored 26 runs and Zaid scored 27 runs. At the end of 20 overs, Gulshan Strikers had scored a total of 180 runs. Imran Junior was the key player with ball who picked up 3 wickets in 4 overs.

The second innings was an interesting one and there were many turn of events eventually determining the winners of this match. Labaik Sports started off with Shahzad and Zohaib as their opening batsmen. Shahzad was not able to perform and was dismissed at an early stage in the match, however, Zohaib fulfilled what was required and rose up to the situation and got the socrecard ticking for his side. He scored a wonderful 76 runs off 46 balls with a little help from Umair Ali who scored 15 runs. After that Junaid Ali carried the bat all the way till the end for his side by scoring 42 runs, and along his side was Abdul Wahid who ensured that there was absolutely nothing that can stop them for winning this match and scored 25 runs. In 19 overs, Labaik Sports chased down the target and won the match by 5 wickets.