Malir XI Defends Vulnerable Target

Malir XI Vs Karachi Kaikras

A subtle performance on both sides of the pitch led the Malir XI straight to victory.

Malir XI didn't like too good at the start of the first innings with their opening pair. The player's were either out of luck or out form, because one Shebab was sent back after scoring 5 runs and Muneeb scored 19 runs and then took his wicket down himself by getting a hit wicket. It was a very disappointing start for their side. Fahad was the third man in and he was dismissed after scoring 10 runs. In short the top batting irder failed tremendously on getting their hands on some decent runs and putting them on the scoreboard. However we did see one effective partnership that took their side to a secure area. Jalal and Zohaib played a beautiful partnership of 64 runs and after that the whole team cane collapsing down. Malir XI scored a total of 110 runs in 20 overs. Faisal was the star bowler for the Karachi Kaikras, who managed to pick up 4 wickets in 5 overs.

Karachi Kaikras were off to a relatively decent start in the second innings. Talha Abbas was dismissed early in the match but Khizar managed to score 24 runs and gave his side a good head start. Ali Gul came in at number three and scored 17 runs. Baba and Asim scored 28 runs together. Most of the batsmen went back on a run out. And rest of them were dismantled by Danish who picked up 3 wickets. After loosing 9 wickets, Karachi Kaikras reached the total of 98 runs in 20 overs.

Malir XI won by 12 runs.