Mandiwalla Group Smash the FFCC

Mandiwalla Group Vs FFCC

The top notch performance of the batting line from the Mandiwalla Group and then the ferocious bowling attack led them straight to victory.

The first innings was a thriller, when Mandiwalla batsmen stepped on the pitch to bat first against the FFCC. Both of the batting orders, top and the middle proved their form by scoring some massive runs for their side. Burair scored 34 runs and Abdul Razak scored 38 runs. Akhter Ahmed played the best innings by scoring 50 runs just off 37 balls. Mandiwalla group scored a total of 166 runs in 20 overs, which was a defendable total for their side.

In the second innings FFCC came out with a bang, when Arshad Nawaz scored 79 runs just off 56 balls. The match could have gone either way, but that's when the Mandiwalla Group replied with full force of their bowling attack and stopped the FFCC in their tracks. The whole team came collapsing down. It was a good chase by the FFCC. But in the end it was Mandiwalla who emerged as victors. Shamim Ahmed picked up 3 wickets.Mandiwalla Group won by 4 runs.