Massive Total Defended By Zamzam Sports

Zamzam Sports VS Bohra Cricket Club

Mega performance by Zamzam Sports with the bat and than mega effort made to defend the massive total and earned the victory.

Zamzam Sports was off to a slow start in the first innings with their opening pair. We saw a few shots played in the start and it was Wasif Mehmood to hit a couple of boundaries and scored 15 runs. Third man in from the top batting order was Shahid Mukhtar who was sent back due to an injury, but before that he made an impact on the game by scoring 31 runs for his side. Rafiq Khatak came out to cover the damage and played a marvelous innings by scoring 88 runs for his side. Faizan Khalid added decent runs to the total and scored 32 runs. Shiraz Raza was the last batsman to play some fine shots and get 21 runs on the scoreboard for his side. Zamzam Sports scored a total of 208 in 20 overs.

Bohra Cricket Club weren't able to make a difference from the start of the second innings, because of the poor form of their opening pair. Ali CD was the only one to grab 17 runs and put it on the scoreboard. Ammar Muhammad made some contribution by scoring 24 runs off 20 balls and hit 4 boundaries. The entire top batting order was able unable to score runs that might have made an actual difference on the game and got that them close to the target. Naeem Tayyab was the only player from the entire batting order to score 45 runs and tried to keep his side in the game. But it was too late for them and they ran out of overs at the total of 152 runs.

Zamzam Sports won the match by 56 runs.