Gulberg Gymkhana Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Camran CC won by 12 runs

Camran CC

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ismail ShahCaught Umer Chawla Ahmed ArshadUmer ChawlaAhmed Arshad322541128.000000
Saif Ur RehmanCaught Umer Chawla Daniyal LiaquatUmer ChawlaDaniyal Liaquat10810125.000000
Ammar IqbalCaught Umer Chawla Shahid NisarUmer Chawla Shahid Nisar442513176.000000
M ZubairCaught Hamza Qadir Daniyal LiaquatHamza Qadir Daniyal Liaquat23290079.310000
Irteza KhanCaught Umer Khan Shahid NisarUmer Khan Shahid Nisar10720142.860000
Arsal AliRun Out Daniyal Liaquat Daniyal Liaquat4200200.000000
Maqbool ShahNotOut   8301266.670000
Mamoon ImtiazCaught Hamza Qadir Madni Waqas RajaHamza Qadir Madni Waqas Raja16412400.000000
Asad Ullah HamzaCaught Hamza Ali Khan Umer Khan Hamza Ali KhanUmer Khan 01000.000000
Mir Ahnafb Hamza Ali KhanHamza Ali Khan 120050.000000
Ikram Ul Haq   000000000
Total   16910697139.6211100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ismail Shah00000
Saif Ur Rehman00000
Ammar Iqbal00000
M Zubair00000
Irteza Khan00000
Arsal Ali00000
Maqbool Shah3.42116.180
Mamoon Imtiaz42716.750
Asad Ullah Hamza00000
Mir Ahnaf43919.750
Ikram Ul Haq43238.000


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Hamza QadirCaught Ikram Ul Haq Ammar IqbalIkram Ul HaqAmmar Iqbal5410125.000000
Daniyal LiaquatCaught Ikram Ul Haq Ismail shahIkram Ul HaqIsmail shah382642146.150000
Sumail AzizStumped Maqbool Shah Ammar IqbalMaqbool ShahAmmar Iqbal6170035.290000
Madni Waqas RajaCaught Mir Ahnaf M ZubairMir AhnafM Zubair4310133.330000
Saad AhmedRun Out Saif Ur Rehman Saif Ur Rehman12801150.000000
Hamza Ali KhanCaught Asad Ullah Hamza Saif Ur RehmanAsad Ullah HamzaSaif Ur Rehman321304246.150000
Umer ChawlaNotOut   11810137.500000
Waqas VohraRun Out Ismail shah Ismail shah130033.330000
Shahid NisarRun Out Maqbool Shah Maqbool Shah250040.000000
Mohammad Alib Ikram Ul HaqIkram Ul Haq 5410125.000000
Total   1579187127.4711100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Mohammad Ali00000
Hamza Qadir122222.000
Daniyal Liaquat43208.000
Sumail Aziz00000
Madni Waqas Raja42506.250
Saad Ahmed00000
Hamza Ali Khan2.52228.800
Umer Chawla43939.750
Waqas Vohra00000
Shahid Nisar00000
Mohammad Ali00000