Asifabad Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Butt Brothers won by 32 runs

Butt Brothers

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Waleed Ilyasb Fayyaz Hussain WarsiFayyaz Hussain Warsi 292731107.410000
Kamran ButtLbw Arif Yaqoob Arif Yaqoob  140025.000000
Noman Buttb Arif Yaqoob Arif Yaqoob  250040.000000
Owais Pastab Muhammad Umair ShaikhMuhammad Umair Shaikh 11170164.710000
Saqib KhanCaught Muhammad Umair Shaikh waqas iqbalMuhammad Umair Shaikhwaqas iqbal15260057.690000
Zubair AhmedCaught Muhammad Umair Shaikh Syed Inam AghaMuhammad Umair ShaikhSyed Inam Agha161410114.290000
Khalid Khursheed KakaNotOut   230066.670000
Furqan IqbalCaught waqas iqbal Raheel Abdul Majeedwaqas iqbalRaheel Abdul Majeed10501200.000000
Mohsin SaleemRun Out Aman Burney Aman Burney000000000
Yousuf Jetpur   000000000
Mohammad AliRun Out Daniyal Ahmed Daniyal Ahmed370042.860000
Total   1091084382.4112000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Waleed Ilyas00000
Mohammad Ali00000
Kamran Butt31113.670
Noman Butt00000
Owais Pasta2713.500
Saqib Khan2.11416.670
Zubair Ahmed00000
Khalid Khursheed Kaka4621.500
Furqan Iqbal00000
Mohsin Saleem00000
Yousuf Jetpur41513.750
Mohammad Ali00000

Alpha CC

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Arif Yaqoob   000000000
Syed Inam AghaLbw Mohsin Saleem Mohsin Saleem 03000.000000
Yawar Imamb Mohsin SaleemMohsin Saleem 5111045.450000
Fayyaz Hussain WarsiCaught Mohsin Saleem Waleed IlyasMohsin SaleemWaleed Ilyas8170047.060000
Muhammad Yousuf Halarib Khalid Khursheed KakaKhalid Khursheed Kaka 01000.000000
Raheel Abdul MajeedLbw Khalid Khursheed Kaka Khalid Khursheed Kaka 01000.000000
waqas iqbalCaught Mohsin Saleem Saqib KhanMohsin SaleemSaqib Khan4100040.000000
Daniyal AhmedCaught Yousuf Jetpur Zubair AhmedYousuf JetpurZubair Ahmed11132084.620000
Muhammad Umair Shaikhb Owais PastaOwais Pasta 06000.000000
Talha Iqbalb Saqib KhanSaqib Khan 13241054.170000
Aman BurneyNotOut   2150013.330000
Syed Jawad Ali   000000000
Total   771014042.5710000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Arif Yaqoob21618.000
Syed Inam Agha00000
Yawar Imam00000
Fayyaz Hussain Warsi41213.000
Muhammad Yousuf Halari0.1000.000
Raheel Abdul Majeed00000
waqas iqbal112112.000
Daniyal Ahmed00000
Muhammad Umair Shaikh31735.670
Talha Iqbal00000
Aman Burney41914.750
Syed Jawad Ali21407.000