RLCA Gulberg
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Jetpur Strikers won by 6 wickets

Halari Hawks

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Noman AmparaCaught Saad Asif Usman Yunus GhaniSaad AsifUsman Yunus Ghani13172076.470000
Suleman SaleemLbw Owais Arif Sultanpur Owais Arif Sultanpur 891088.890000
Taha Zindanib Owais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif Sultanpur 451080.000000
Mohammad NaveedRun Out Owais Arif Sultanpur Owais Arif Sultanpur06000.000000
Mubeen AliCaught Owais Arif Sultanpur Owais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif Sultanpur01000.000010
Dawood Dawsonb Idrees AminIdrees Amin 191221158.330000
Abdul RehmanNotOut   242401100.000000
Ahsan Anwarb Owais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif Sultanpur 03000.000000
Abdul Samadb Yousuf JetpurYousuf Jetpur 180012.500000
Mohammad Shoaib ViraniNotOut   14192073.680000
Total   1161048279.8119010
Bowling O R W Eco M
Noman Ampara00000
Suleman Saleem2.129213.810
Taha Zindani42406.000
Mohammad Naveed00000
Mubeen Ali00000
Dawood Dawson00000
Abdul Rehman225112.500
Ahsan Anwar00000
Abdul Samad42315.750
Mohammad Shoaib Virani00000

Jetpur Strikers

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Usman Yunus Ghanib Abdul RehmanAbdul Rehman 602574240.001000
Salman MotenCaught Abdul Samad Mubeen AliAbdul SamadMubeen Ali390033.330000
Abdur Rehman BawanyNotOut   201620125.000000
Zahid MianoorLbw Suleman Saleem Suleman Saleem 01000.000000
Saad AsifNotOut   461066.670000
Ejaz Mundiya   000000000
Owais Arif Sultanpur   000000000
Madni Zubair   000000000
Idrees Amin   000000000
Yousuf Jetpur   000000000
Total   11957104152.639000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Usman Yunus Ghani00000
Salman Moten00000
Abdur Rehman Bawany00000
Zahid Mianoor00000
Saad Asif00000
Ejaz Mundiya42606.500
Owais Arif Sultanpur41644.000
Madni Zubair21718.500
Idrees Amin41313.250
Yousuf Jetpur32016.670