RLCA Gulberg
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Trail Blazers Lions won by 29 runs

Trail Blazers Lions

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
M Bilal LakhaniCaught Hamza Mukaty Yousuf JetpurHamza MukatyYousuf Jetpur613826160.531000
Hunain MundiyaLbw Muhammad Salman Sheikhani Muhammad Salman Sheikhani 7600116.670001
Saad Asifb Muhammad Salman SheikhaniMuhammad Salman Sheikhani 272720100.000010
Usman Yunus Ghanib Hamza MukatyHamza Mukaty 15802187.500000
Zahid MianoorLbw Yousuf Jetpur Yousuf Jetpur 570071.430000
Owais Arif SultanpurCaught Muhammad Salman Sheikhani Abdur Rehman BawanyMuhammad Salman SheikhaniAbdur Rehman Bawany01000.000000
Zain A RaufNotOut   191211158.330010
Abdur RehmanCaught Hamza Mukaty Yousuf JetpurHamza MukatyYousuf Jetpur120050.000000
Yasir AmeenRun Out Hamza Mukaty Hamza Mukaty1100100.000000
Sajid LakhaniNotOut   000000000
Umer Bawany   000000000
Total   16310259133.335121
Bowling O R W Eco M
M Bilal Lakhani00000
Hunain Mundiya00000
Saad Asif00000
Usman Yunus Ghani32317.670
Zahid Mianoor00000
Owais Arif Sultanpur3.51454.000
Zain A Rauf42526.250
Abdur Rehman00000
Yasir Ameen00000
Sajid Lakhani21507.500
Umer Bawany43318.250

Tai Builder & Developer Panthers

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Fahad YahyaCaught Usman Yunus Ghani Zain A RaufUsman Yunus GhaniZain A Rauf231612143.750000
Imran ChottaniStumped Owais Arif Sultanpur Hunain MundiyaOwais Arif SultanpurHunain Mundiya130033.330000
Abdur Rehman BawanyRun Out Hunain Mundiya Hunain Mundiya570071.430000
Adnan SalimCaught Umer Bawany Saad AsifUmer BawanySaad Asif322612123.080000
Arshad Taib Zain A RaufZain A Rauf 352540140.000000
Abu Bakar Mianoorb Zain A RaufZain A Rauf 670085.710000
Yousuf JetpurNotOut   230066.670000
Hamza Mukatyb Owais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif Sultanpur 10910111.110000
Muhammad SalmanLbw Owais Arif Sultanpur Owais Arif Sultanpur 02000.000000
Abdul Moiz Narab Owais Arif SultanpurOwais Arif Sultanpur 01000.000000
Total   1349974115.1514100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Fahad Yahya00000
Imran Chottani00000
Abdur Rehman Bawany00000
Adnan Salim113013.000
Arshad Tai114014.000
Abu Bakar Mianoor00000
Yousuf Jetpur42015.000
Hamza Mukaty43739.250
Muhammad Salman42947.250
Abdul Moiz Nara21909.500