RLCA Gulberg
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

TNP Titans won by 30 runs

TNP Titans

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Bilal Omer Ayub   000000000
Ahmed HussainCaught Salman Dossani Saad AsifSalman Dossani Saad Asif683864178.951000
Sabih MerchantRun Out Kamil Mehmood Kamil Mehmood240050.000000
Dawood DawsonCaught Salman Dossani Rabish AhmedSalman Dossani Rabish Ahmed8810100.000000
Azhar KhanCaught Shahid Nepal Muqarram Waheed KhanShahid NepalMuqarram Waheed Khan251820138.890000
Afnan KarimRun Out Muqarram Waheed Khan Muqarram Waheed Khan291820161.110000
Owais PastaCaught Rabish Ahmed Rabish Ahmed 151120136.360000
Khalid GabaNotOut   340075.000000
Naveed Rangoonia   000000000
Osama Ayub   000000000
Abdul Samad   000000000
Total   177101134148.5118100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Bilal Omer Ayub31916.330
Ahmed Hussain00000
Sabih Merchant00000
Dawood Dawson00000
Azhar Khan00000
Afnan Karim00000
Owais Pasta32709.000
Khalid Gaba00000
Naveed Rangoonia32227.330
Osama Ayub42726.750
Abdul Samad00000
Abdul Samad42436.000

Classic Barbarians

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ali IqbalLbw Osama Ayub Osama Ayub 211830116.670000
Kamil MehmoodCaught Abdul samad Naveed RangooniaAbdul samadNaveed Rangoonia16170194.120000
Rabish AhmedCaught Abdul samad Owais PastaAbdul samadOwais Pasta8510160.000000
Ali BantvaCaught Abdul samad Bilal Omer AyubAbdul samadBilal Omer Ayub02000.000000
Muqarram Waheed Khanb Bilal Omer AyubBilal Omer Ayub 3300100.000000
Saad AsifCaught Osama Ayub Afnan KarimOsama AyubAfnan Karim11130084.620000
Umair UsmanCaught Naveed Rangoonia Sabih Merchant Naveed RangooniaSabih Merchant 10110090.910000
Daniyal ShoaibCaught Naveed Rangoonia Osama AyubNaveed RangooniaOsama Ayub240050.000000
Saad FaisalNotOut   4400100.000000
Shahid NepalNotOut   8810100.000000
Salman Dossani   000000000
Total   147855197.6513000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ali Iqbal00000
Kamil Mehmood00000
Rabish Ahmed43518.750
Ali Bantva00000
Muqarram Waheed Khan43819.500
Saad Asif00000
Umair Usman00000
Daniyal Shoaib00000
Saad Faisal00000
Shahid Nepal32518.330
Salman Dossani448212.000