Al Nadil Burhani Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Shabab Whites won by 1 wickets

Hyderi Royals

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Hussain RawatCaught Abbas Gohar Abbas Gohar 444050110.000010
Mustansir SaifuddinCaught Mohammad Sitamu Abbas GoharMohammad SitamuAbbas Gohar7100070.000000
Hussain DVDCaught Shabbir Fakhruddin Ali Asghar rainbowShabbir FakhruddinAli Asghar rainbow06000.000010
Ali Asghar AbbasCaught Shabbir Fakhruddin Hussain BadruddinShabbir FakhruddinHussain Badruddin02000.000000
Murtaza RaoLbw Abbas Gohar Abbas Gohar 12160075.000030
Hussain Abbasb Abbas GoharAbbas Gohar 130033.330000
Mustafa Quaid Joher LotiaRun Out Mohammad Sitamu Mohammad Sitamu4300133.330000
Hatim KhuzaimaCaught Abbas Gohar Abbas GoharAbbas GoharAbbas Gohar360050.000000
Hussain Yousuf ChindiNotOut   000000000
Hussain Ali AsgharCaught Abbas Gohar Huzaifa HassanAbbas GoharHuzaifa Hassan02000.000000
Total   100885080.6811050
Bowling O R W Eco M
Hussain Rawat2512.500
Mustansir Saifuddin00000
Hussain DVD2.41707.080
Ali Asghar Abbas00000
Murtaza Rao41423.500
Hussain Abbas00000
Mustafa Quaid Joher Lotia31505.000
Hatim Khuzaima2814.000
Hussain Yousuf Chindi21417.000
Hussain Ali Asghar00000

Shabab Whites

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ali Asghar rainbow   000000000
Hussain Abdul HussainCaught Hussain Ali Asghar Murtaza RaoHussain Ali AsgharMurtaza Rao10520200.000000
Mustafa QutbuddinCaught Hussain Ali Asghar Abbas ShamsHussain Ali AsgharAbbas Shams11171064.710000
Mohammad SitamuCaught Murtaza Rao Murtaza RaoMurtaza RaoMurtaza Rao9920100.000000
Huzaifa HassanRun Out Hussain Rawat Hussain Rawat8121066.670000
Mufaddel AqeelCaught Murtaza Rao Hussain RawatMurtaza RaoHussain Rawat04000.000000
Hussain BadruddinCaught Hussain Yousuf Chindi Murtaza RaoHussain Yousuf ChindiMurtaza Rao11160068.750000
Mustafa SaleemCaught Hatim Khuzaima Hussain DVDHatim KhuzaimaHussain DVD9920100.000000
Abbas GoharNotOut   18232078.260000
Hatimb Hussain RawatHussain Rawat 461066.670000
Shabbir FakhruddinNotOut   350060.000000
Total   10110611078.3011000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ali Asghar rainbow32408.000
Hussain Abdul Hussain00000
Mustafa Qutbuddin00000
Mohammad Sitamu31113.670
Huzaifa Hassan42105.250
Mufaddel Aqeel00000
Hussain Badruddin00000
Mustafa Saleem00000
Abbas Gohar1.5251.330
Shabbir Fakhruddin42025.000