Al Nadil Burhani Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Shabab Whites won by 4 wickets

Bohra CC

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ibrahim Mulla HuzaifaCaught Hussain Aqeel Hussain Aqeel 01000.000010
Shabbir MushtaqCaught Hussain Aqeel Huzaifa HassanHussain AqeelHuzaifa Hassan470057.140000
Mustansir IcebergCaught Ali Asghar rainbow Huzaifa HassanAli Asghar rainbowHuzaifa Hassan9142064.290010
Naeem TayyabRun Out Shabbir Jamnagarwala Shabbir Jamnagarwala131010130.000000
Ibhahim BurhanStumped Shabbir Jamnagarwala Mustafa QutbuddinShabbir JamnagarwalaMustafa Qutbuddin02000.000010
Huzaifa MandviNotOut   29311093.550000
Abbas KhuzaimaCaught Ali Asghar rainbow Huzaifa HassanAli Asghar rainbowHuzaifa Hassan380037.500000
Ali Asghar Shabbirb Shabbir JamnagarwalaShabbir Jamnagarwala 03000.000000
Hussain Mustafa BhojwalaCaught Huzaifa Hassan Huzaifa HassanHuzaifa HassanHuzaifa Hassan9910100.000000
Huzaifa MustansirCaught Mohammad Sitamu Ali Asghar rainbowMohammad SitamuAli Asghar rainbow171330130.770000
Total   115988085.7112030
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ibrahim Mulla Huzaifa00000
Shabbir Mushtaq21216.000
Mustansir Iceberg0.28040.000
Naeem Tayyab41122.750
Ibhahim Burhan3913.000
Huzaifa Mandvi00000
Abbas Khuzaima00000
Ali Asghar Shabbir21919.500
Hussain Mustafa Bhojwala00000
Huzaifa Mustansir42817.000

Shabab Whites

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ali Asghar rainbow   000000000
Huzaifa HassanCaught Ali Asghar Shabbir Ibrahim Mulla Huzaifa Ali Asghar ShabbirIbrahim Mulla Huzaifa 5410125.000000
Hasnain Javaidb Naeem TayyabNaeem Tayyab 7120158.330000
Mustafa Qutbuddinb Huzaifa MustansirHuzaifa Mustansir 5410125.000000
Huzaifa AbbasNotOut   27302190.000000
Mohammad SitamuCaught Ibhahim Burhan Mustansir IcebergIbhahim BurhanMustansir Iceberg7171041.180000
Abbas GoharCaught Shabbir Mushtaq Ibhahim BurhanShabbir MushtaqIbhahim Burhan11151073.330000
Hussain AqeelNotOut   03000.000000
Hussain Abbas   000000000
Shabbir Jamnagarwala   000000000
Total   116856272.9425000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ali Asghar rainbow42025.000
Huzaifa Hassan21819.000
Hasnain Javaid00000
Mustafa Qutbuddin00000
Huzaifa Abbas00000
Mohammad Sitamu2.31014.350
Abbas Gohar00000
Hussain Aqeel00000
Hussain Abbas330010.000
Shabbir Jamnagarwala41724.250