New Navy
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Naakians won by 2 wickets

Sons Of Pitches

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Mohammad Zubair Arif   000000000
Noman ArfeenCaught Faizan Zaheer Faisal SarkarFaizan ZaheerFaisal Sarkar6110054.550000
Farhan AllahwalaStumped Faizan Zaheer Imran ShahidFaizan ZaheerImran Shahid161500106.670000
Kumail AllyCaught Farooq Jamil Imran ShahidFarooq JamilImran Shahid141400100.000000
AbdullahCaught Taqi Merchant Faisal SarkarTaqi MerchantFaisal Sarkar18240075.000010
Babar ShaikhCaught Faisal Sarkar Faisal SarkarFaisal SarkarFaisal Sarkar150020.000000
Ali AamirCaught Taqi Merchant ZubairTaqi MerchantZubair14900155.560000
Irfan AliCaught Taqi Merchant Moiz Ul HaqTaqi MerchantMoiz Ul Haq01000.000030
Abdul HaseebCaught Moiz Ul Haq UsamaMoiz Ul HaqUsama02000.000000
Moiz Hassan KhanNotOut   12900133.330000
Ahsan KhanCaught Moiz Ul Haq FurqanMoiz Ul HaqFurqan15900166.670010
Jamshed   000000000
Total   133990096.9713050
Bowling O R W Eco M
Mohammad Zubair Arif21316.500
Noman Arfeen00000
Farhan Allahwala00000
Kumail Ally00000
Babar Shaikh00000
Ali Aamir00000
Irfan Ali00000
Abdul Haseeb42225.500
Moiz Hassan Khan31715.670
Ahsan Khan21507.500


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
MuzammileCaught Ali Aamir Irfan AliAli AamirIrfan Ali780087.500000
Mustafa Durranib Moiz Hassan KhanMoiz Hassan Khan 150020.000000
Usman Shahid MianCaught Abdul Haseeb Irfan AliAbdul HaseebIrfan Ali15210071.430000
Faizan ZaheerCaught Abdul Haseeb Irfan AliAbdul HaseebIrfan Ali513300154.551000
Moiz Ul HaqCaught Mohammad Zubair Arif Ahsan KhanMohammad Zubair ArifAhsan Khan03000.000000
Noman ShahidNotOut   392100185.710000
Taqi MerchantCaught Jamshed AbdullahJamshedAbdullah6600100.000000
Zubairb Abdul HaseebAbdul Haseeb 02000.000000
Faisal SarkarNotOut   560083.330000
Farooq Jamil   000000000
Total   13510500118.101100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Mustafa Durrani00000
Usman Shahid Mian00000
Faizan Zaheer41624.000
Moiz Ul Haq2.51827.200
Noman Shahid00000
Taqi Merchant21839.000
Faisal Sarkar31916.330
Farooq Jamil32016.670