Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Alliance Sports won by 4 wickets

Zamzam Sports

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Khursheed Alam   000000000
Muhammad AsifStumped Faisal Ghouri Faisal Ghouri 01000.000000
Fida KhanCaught Faisal Ghouri Faisal Ghouri 06000.000000
Rafiq KhatakCaught Faisal Ghouri Faisal Ghouri 02000.000000
Shahid MukhtarRun Out   000000000
Yasir KhanCaught Rao Noman Rao Noman 181500120.000000
Bakht GulCaught Taha Gul Ahmed Taha Gul Ahmed 111000110.000000
Aamir BangeshCaught Ahmed Farooq Ahmed Farooq 10150066.670000
Arif KhanCaught Humayun Ghouri Humayun Ghouri 343100109.680000
Akram KhanCaught Humayun Ghouri Humayun Ghouri 202000100.000000
Farhan SheikhNotOut   590055.560000
M.Mustafa   000000000
Total   1271090089.9121000
Bowling O R W Eco M
Khursheed Alam42907.250
Muhammad Asif00000
Fida Khan00000
Rafiq Khatak00000
Shahid Mukhtar2.31626.960
Yasir Khan00000
Bakht Gul42807.000
Aamir Bangesh00000
Arif Khan1404.000
Akram Khan21909.500
Farhan Sheikh00000

Alliance Sports

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Khurram Rangilab Rafiq KhatakRafiq Khatak 450080.000000
Jawed BasiniCaught Rafiq Khatak Rafiq Khatak 01000.000000
Saad AhmedRetired   563300169.701000
Umair YousufStumped Shahid Mukhtar Shahid Mukhtar 34360094.440000
Humayun GhouriCaught Rafiq Khatak Rafiq Khatak 370042.860000
Faisal GhouriNotOut   12130092.310000
Farrukh SiddiqueCaught Shahid Mukhtar Shahid Mukhtar 240050.000000
Ahsan LakhaniNotOut   6200300.000000
Taha Gul Ahmed   000000000
Rao Noman   000000000
Ahmed Farooq   000000000
Total   13210100115.846100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Khurram Rangila00000
Jawed Basini2703.500
Saad Ahmed00000
Umair Yousuf00000
Humayun Ghouri21226.000
Faisal Ghouri43037.500
Farrukh Siddique00000
Ahsan Lakhani00000
Taha Gul Ahmed42716.750
Rao Noman32317.670
Ahmed Farooq3913.000