Lawai Cricket Ground Naya Nazimabad
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Team NSL won by 4 wickets

  • Adamjee General Insurance Face Defeat Agains Team NSL


    Team NSL and Adamjee General Insurance went against each other on 27th November at Lawai Cricket Ground.

    Batting first, Adamjee posted a target if 134 runs at the loss of all wickets in 19 overs. The openers did not give a steady start, as Nasir Khan got out on a duck and Shoaib Khan added 22 runs to the score. Usman Siddiqui, the one-down batter, remained the highest scorer with his knock of 33 off 24. Naeem Hanif bagged 3 wickets, while Ghafoor Dalvi took 2.

    Sher Muhammad and Muhammad Owais started the chase for Team NSL, scoring 17 and 20 runs respectively. The one-down batter, Hur Abbas, was phenomenal as he struck 45 off 38. Though Ahmed Shahab and Farooq Chaudhry dismissed 2 batters each. However, they were unable to destabilise the batters’ momentum. The batters continued the chase with temperament.

    Therefore, NSL’s batters led the team to a win in the 18th over only at the loss of 6 wickets   

Adamjee General Insurance

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Nasir Khanc Raziq Kayani b Ahmed AliAhmed AliRaziq Kayani02000.000010
Shoaib KhanLbw Sher Muhammad Sher Muhammad 222231100.000000
Usman Siddiquic Shoaib Rathore b Akbar SomrooAkbar SomrooShoaib Rathore332440137.500000
Dilip Kumarc Hur Abbas b Muhammad OwaisMuhammad OwaisHur Abbas6120050.000000
Waqar YounusRun Out Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali360050.000000
Farooq Chaudhryb Naeem HanifNaeem Hanif 9620150.000000
Abdul Rehmanc Sher Muhammad b Ghafoor DalviGhafoor DalviSher Muhammad251802138.890000
Mansoor Ahmedc Shoaib Rathore b Ghafoor DalviGhafoor DalviShoaib Rathore15161093.750000
Umair ShahidNotOut   340075.000000
Syed Arshainb Naeem HanifNaeem Hanif 230066.670000
Ahmed Shahabb Naeem HanifNaeem Hanif 01000.000000
Extrasw 11, lb 4 Total 15
Total   118114103103.510110
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ahmed Shahab42025.000
Behroz Khan233016.500
Zafar Siddiqui42716.750
Farooq Chaudhry42827.000
Mansoor Ahmed31816.000
Abdul Rehman0.47017.500

Team NSL

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Sher Muhammadb Ahmed ShahabAhmed Shahab 171240141.670010
Muhammad OwaisHitwicket Zafar Siddiqui Zafar Siddiqui 202001100.000000
Hur Abbasb Mansoor AhmedMansoor Ahmed 453860118.420010
Haris Khalidb Farooq ChaudhryFarooq Chaudhry 03000.000000
Muhammad Adnanc Nasir Khan b Farooq ChaudhryFarooq ChaudhryNasir Khan780087.500000
Naeem Hanifb Ahmed ShahabAhmed Shahab 10910111.110000
TahaNotOut   280025.000000
Ahmed AliNotOut   791077.780000
Extrasw 24, nb 1, b 1, lb 1 Total 27
Total   108107121100.930120
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ahmed Ali32217.330
Sher Muhammad32117.000
Muhammad Owais31515.000
Ghafoor Dalvi21125.500
Akbar Somroo32719.000
Naeem Hanif31635.330
Muhammad Fahad21708.500
Raziq Kayani00000
Shoaib Rathore00000