DHA Sports Club
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Team Epharm won by 4 wickets

  • Team Epharm Secure a 4-Wicket Victory Against Alpha Lab


    Alpha Lab and Team Epharm went against each other on 26th November at DHA Sports Club.

    Batting first, Alpha Lab scored 117 runs only at the loss of all wickets in 19.3 overs. Muneeb Ur Rehman opened the innings and scored 34 runs off 36 balls. His opening partner, Anas Iqbal lost his wicket on 3 runs only. Imran Chawla stabilised the innings by adding 32 runs more while Hammas Shakeel scored 23. The bowling attack was stunning in restricting the batters. Ali Chawla and Khurram Dilawar took 3 wickets each, while Farooq Zaki and Anas Tariq dismissed 2 batters each.

    Mudassir Ul Haq and Saif Naseem opened the innings for Team Epharm and were unable to contribute significantly, as they lost their wickets on 6 and 1 run respectively. Muhammad Ameen and Muneed Habib struck at the start, as they bagged 2 wickets each. However, due to the low score they were unable to build pressure. Anas Mustafeez and Farooq Zaki smashed 23 and 33 runs respectively.

    Hence, Team Epharm secured victory in the the 19th over at the loss of 6 wickets.

Alpha Lab

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Muneeb ur Rehmanc Ali Tahir Chawla b Khurram DilawarKhurram DilawarAli Tahir Chawla34362094.440000
Anas Iqbalc Khurram Dilawar b Anas TariqAnas TariqKhurram Dilawar380037.500020
Umair Chawlab Anas TariqAnas Tariq 260033.330000
Imran Chawlast Anas Mustafeez b Khurram DilawarKhurram DilawarAnas Mustafeez323011106.670010
Furqan Ahmedc b Farooq ZakiFarooq Zaki 111100100.000000
Hammad Shakeelc Anas Tariq b Farooq ZakiFarooq ZakiAnas Tariq231302176.920000
Muneeb HabibLbw Khurram Dilawar Khurram Dilawar 120050.000000
Daniyal AhmedLbw Ali Chawla Ali Chawla 01000.000000
Ali Chawlac Anas Mustafeez b Ali ChawlaAli ChawlaAnas Mustafeez01000.000000
Ahsan TahirLbw Ali Chawla Ali Chawla 460066.670000
Daniyal TariqNotOut   03000.000000
Extras(w 5, lb 2)
Total10   1171173394.020130
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ahsan Tahir21708.500
Imran Chawla21407.000
Daniyal Tariq1606.000
Ali Chawla1.31007.690
Furqan Ahmed1909.000
Hammad Shakeel43017.500
Muneeb Habib31525.000
Muhammad Ameen41724.250

Team Epharm

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Mudassir Ul Haqc Anas Iqbal b Muneeb HabibMuneeb HabibAnas Iqbal690066.670000
Saif Naseemc Imran Chawla b Muneeb HabibMuneeb HabibImran Chawla180012.500000
Anas TariqLbw Muhammad Ameen Muhammad Ameen 161211133.330010
Anas MustafeezRun Out Muneeb Habib Muneeb Habib232220104.550011
Farooq Zakic Anas Iqbal b Muhammad AmeenMuhammad AmeenAnas Iqbal333201103.130000
Shayan Khalidb Hammad ShakeelHammad Shakeel 460066.670000
Ali Tahir ChawlaNotOut   19212090.480010
Ali ChawlaNotOut   3300100.000000
Extras(w 11, nb 2)
Total6   1181115292.920131
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ali Chawla3.32236.670
Farooq Zaki41624.000
Anas Tariq31123.670
Khurram Dilawar43137.750
M Zohaib31705.670
Salman Naseem21809.000