Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

AVT Enterprises won by 46 runs

  • AVT Enterprises Defeat Bin Ahmed to Seal Trophy


    AVT Enterprises batted first against Bin Ahmed at the Super Challengers Premier League Season 8 final putting up a dominant display. AVT openers were in sublime form, taking charge with Abdul Basit Zaki scoring 66 runs and Waqas Wakeel scoring 79 to help AVT post a defendable 153 in 16 overs. The team only lost 1 wicket throughout the innings, staying in completely control of the game. Bin Ahmed’s bowlers were unable to get the breakthroughs when needed with only Mubashir Anwar picking up a wicket.

    In response, Bin Ahmed were a complete mess in the chase. After losing opener Saif for duck, the team seemed to implode, losing wickets in quick succession. Shayan Mateen was the only batter to show any intent, scoring 34 runs while his partners continued to fall. The team were eventually restricted to just 107 in 16 overs. AVT bowlers did a brilliant job at keeping the momentum on their side, picking up wickets consistently as the pressure kept building for the chasing team. Farooq Zaki and Khurram Dilawar were the outstanding bowlers for their side, taking 2 wickets each but also keeping the economy rate at a minimum.

    AVT Enterprises won by 46 runs and were crowned champions.

AVT Enterprises

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Abdul Basit ZakiNotOut   664681143.481000
Waqas Wakeelc Daniyal Tahir b Mubashir AnwarMubashir AnwarDaniyal Tahir794854164.581010
Talha ShehzadNotOut   2200100.000012
Extras(w 6)
Total1   15396135153.130122
Bowling O R W Eco M
Waqas Wakeel1505.000
Amir Batla1515.000
Abdul Majeed21005.000
Haris Farooq1717.000
Khurram Dilawar31324.330
Mir Farhad Khalid117017.000
Sheikh Ubaid Ur Rehman1909.000
Faisal Ahmed Pai21829.000
Anas Tariq111011.000
Farooq Zaki31123.670
Mohsin Ahmed Pai00000

Bin Ahmed

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Talha Tariqst Talha Shehzad b Farooq ZakiFarooq ZakiTalha Shehzad9810112.500000
CH Saifst Talha Shehzad b Farooq ZakiFarooq ZakiTalha Shehzad03000.000000
Shayan Mateenc Mohsin Ahmed Pai b Faisal Ahmed PaiFaisal Ahmed PaiMohsin Ahmed Pai343240106.250000
Mubashir Anwarc Talha Shehzad b Khurram DilawarKhurram DilawarTalha Shehzad16181088.890000
Houd Adnanc Haris Farooq b Khurram DilawarKhurram DilawarHaris Farooq230066.670000
Abdullah Abdul Rehmanc Waqas Wakeel b Faisal Ahmed PaiFaisal Ahmed PaiWaqas Wakeel7301233.330000
Salman Saleemc Anas Tariq b Haris FarooqHaris FarooqAnas Tariq120050.000000
Sheikh UbaidNotOut   14161087.500000
Daniyal Tahirb Amir BatlaAmir Batla 230066.670010
AqibNotOut   10810125.000000
Extras(w 11, lb 1)
Total8   107968198.961010
Bowling O R W Eco M
Mubashir Anwar43318.250
Shayan Mateen115015.000
Houd Adnan43909.750
Daniyal Tahir21306.500
Ali Chawla331010.330
Noman Chawla222011.000