Eastern Star Cricket Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Adamjee Life Assurance won by 6 wickets

EFU Life Assurance

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Asad TaraniStump Out Shrikant Parmar Mujahid SiddiquiShrikant ParmarMujahid Siddiqui422642161.540000
Sharjeel KhanCatch Out Abdul Mohid Arbaz KhanAbdul MohidArbaz Khan292423120.830000
Asif AhmedCatch Out Shrikant Parmar Abdul MohidShrikant ParmarAbdul Mohid03000.000000
Rehan Zafarb Umer NoorUmer Noor 781087.500000
Saeed KhanCatch Out Faizan surani Shrikant ParmarFaizan suraniShrikant Parmar16232069.570000
Sheraz Karim KhanNotOut   352402145.830000
Imran AhmedCatch Out Faizan surani Mujahid SiddiquiFaizan suraniMujahid Siddiqui11801137.500000
Nafees Ul HaqCatch Out Obaid Siddiqui Umer NoorObaid SiddiquiUmer Noor01000.000000
Ali AhmedNotOut   5300166.670000
Extras(w 9, b 2, lb 5)
Total7   16112098120.830100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Saeed Khan331110.330
Nafees Ul Haq122022.000
Ali Ahmed43027.500
Muhammad Yousuf1.41319.290
Daniyal Zahid221010.500
Shakir Jumani32207.330
Asif Abdul Ali223011.500

Adamjee Life Assurance

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Abdul Moid Khanb Muhammad YousufMuhammad Yousuf 924787195.741000
Muhammad Mujahid SiddiquiLbw Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed 341932178.950000
Ali Hassanb Ali AhmedAli Ahmed 10130076.920000
Muhammad WasifNotOut   161220133.330000
Saad HassanCatch Out Saeed Khan Ali AhmedSaeed KhanAli Ahmed150020.000000
Muhammad Umer NoorNotOut   6410150.000000
Extras(w 3, b 1, lb 1)
Total4   164100149159.000100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Abdul Moid Khan21718.501
Muhammad Umer Noor42315.750
Muhammad Mujahid Siddiqui00000
Obaid Siddiqui43218.000
Shrikant Parmar43027.500
Arbaz Khan00000
Muhammad Adnan21909.500
Faizan surani43328.250