Lawai Cricket Stadium Naya Nazimabad
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

FBW won by 38 runs

  • FBW Emerge Winners Against Falcon Sports by 38 Runs


    FBW and Falcon Sports went against each other on 12th October at Lawai Cricket Ground.

    Danish Afridi and Asif Izhar opened the innings for FBW. Daniyal was stunning, as he scored 32 runs, while Asif lost his wicket on 13 runs. The bowlers dominated, with Farhan Sheikh and Hassan Jafri bagging 2 wickets each. However, Zia Ur Rehman stepped on the crease and stabilised the innings. He smashed 61 off 36 balls, hitting 9 boundaries. Hence, FBW posted a total of 176 runs.

    Hassan Jafri and Basit Ullah opened the innings for Falcon Sports. However, much to the team’s dismay they did not provide the start that was needed. Both got out on low scores of 9 and 3 respectively. The middle order batters displayed a poor effort with only Farrukh Rizvi scoring 39 runs. The bowlers were ferocious, as Fawad Khan bagged 3 wickets. In addition to this, Akbar Babar, Akhtar Muhammad Lala, and Muhammad Atif Khan dismissed 2 batters each. Though Noman Khan scored 43 runs at a strike rate of 153.57, however, his contribution was not enough.

    As a result, the bowlers thrashed Falcon’s batters in the 19th over only. Hence, winning the match by 38 runs.


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Danish Afridic Basit Ullah b Farhan SheikhFarhan SheikhBasit Ullah322014160.000000
Asif Izharc Basit Ullah b Hassan JafriHassan JafriBasit Ullah131210108.330000
Ammar Iqbalc Daniyal Faisal b Ali AbrarAli AbrarDaniyal Faisal250040.000010
Aijaz Sawatic Basit Ullah b Farhan SheikhFarhan SheikhBasit Ullah10112090.910000
Akbar Babarc Ali Sher b Hassan JafriHassan JafriAli Sher13200065.000000
Zia Ur RehmanNotOut Basit Ullah Basit Ullah613663169.441000
Ishaq khanb Fahaddis BukhariFahaddis Bukhari 15621250.000030
Muhammad SabirNotOut   14911155.560000
Jamal UddinNotOut   3100300.000010
Extras(w 9, b 2, lb 2)
Total7   176120139135.830150
Bowling O R W Eco M
Jamal Uddin42917.250
Akbar Babar3.538210.860
Akhtar Mohammad Lala43027.500
Fawad Khan41533.751
Muhammad Atif Khan32428.001

Falcon Sports

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Hassan JafriLbw Fawad Khan Fawad Khan 9620150.000000
Basit Ullahc Ishaq khan b Jamal UddinJamal UddinIshaq khan360050.000030
Usman jawandac Ammar Iqbal b Fawad KhanFawad KhanAmmar Iqbal130033.330000
Fahaddis Bukharib Fawad KhanFawad Khan 160016.670000
Farrukh Rizvic Akhtar Mohammad Lala b Muhammad Atif KhanMuhammad Atif KhanAkhtar Mohammad Lala392852139.290000
Ahtiram Ul Haqb Akhtar Mohammad LalaAkhtar Mohammad Lala 04000.000000
Ali Sherc Jamal Uddin b Akhtar Mohammad LalaAkhtar Mohammad LalaJamal Uddin8710114.290010
Noman Khanb Muhammad Atif KhanMuhammad Atif Khan 432852153.570000
Ali Abrarc Ishaq khan b Akbar BabarAkbar BabarIshaq khan282103133.330000
Khizar Alic Ishaq khan b Akbar BabarAkbar BabarIshaq khan340075.000000
Daniyal FaisalNotOut   01000.000010
Extras(w 1, lb 2)
Total10   138113137118.420150
Bowling O R W Eco M
Farhan Sheikh42726.750
Daniyal Faisal114014.000
Khizar Ali338012.670
Ali Abrar43017.500
Hassan Jafri43127.750
Fahaddis Bukhari43218.000