Agha Khan Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Indus Foods Preserving & Co won by 44 runs

Indus Foods Preserving & Co

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Ali ZafarC Hifz Ur Rehman b Ibrar AliIbrar AliHifz Ur Rehman884994179.591000
MuzzamilC Hifz Ur Rehman b Akhtar HussainAkhtar HussainHifz Ur Rehman14911155.560000
Bilal UsmanC Akhtar Hussain b Kazim KananiKazim KananiAkhtar Hussain140025.000000
Muneeb ur RehmanC Zain Mohiuddin b Tanveer ZafarTanveer ZafarZain Mohiuddin101000100.000010
Raza Ahmed KhalidC Inam Ullah b Akhtar HussainAkhtar HussainInam Ullah201710117.650020
Iqbal ChandC Ibrar Ali b Hifz Ur RehmanHifz Ur RehmanIbrar Ali10170158.820000
Jibran BasiniC Tanveer Zafar b Ibrar AliIbrar AliTanveer Zafar9401225.000001
Tariq SheikhaniC Ibrar Ali b Ibrar AliIbrar AliIbrar Ali130033.330000
Jalees BasiniNotOut   120050.000010
Hammad ChawlaNotOut   3100300.000000
Extras(w 20, lb 2)
Total8   179108117135.340141
Bowling O R W Eco M
Muhammad Junaid41824.501
Jalees Basini226013.000
Hammad Chawla31735.670
Iqbal Chand1606.000
Ali Rangila32026.670
Raza Ahmed Khalid32919.670
Javaid Basini1.519112.670

Amir’s Chinoy Group

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
AhsanC Raza Ahmed Khalid b Hammad ChawlaHammad ChawlaRaza Ahmed Khalid191421135.710000
Zain Mohiuddinb Muhammad JunaidMuhammad Junaid 360050.000010
Inam UllahLbw Ali Rangila Ali Rangila 343041113.330010
Zeeshan AkhtarLbw Ali Rangila Ali Rangila 101020100.000000
Zubair KhanC Raza Ahmed Khalid b Hammad ChawlaHammad ChawlaRaza Ahmed Khalid181130163.640000
Muhammad BhojaniC Muhammad Junaid b Raza Ahmed KhalidRaza Ahmed KhalidMuhammad Junaid781087.500000
Tanveer ZafarC Muneeb ur Rehman b Muhammad JunaidMuhammad JunaidMuneeb ur Rehman12141085.710010
Ibrar AliC Jalees Basini b Hammad ChawlaHammad ChawlaJalees Basini3300100.000020
Akhtar HussainRun Out Jalees Basini Jalees Basini7510140.000010
Naveed AkhtarNotOut   7410175.000000
Hifz Ur RehmanS Jibran Basini b Javaid BasiniJavaid BasiniJibran Basini4210200.000020
Extras(w 11)
Total10   135107162115.890180
Bowling O R W Eco M
Akhtar Hussain443210.750
Hifz Ur Rehman223111.500
Kazim Kanani449112.250
Naveed Akhtar43107.750
Tanveer Zafar21919.500
Ibrar Ali21236.000